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Beam E4 SE (FBL~DFC) KIT. Servo package [E4-SE101]
Sale Price
:   $400.00    $292.00 (292,000원)  
Item :  E4-SE101
Manufacturing Company :  Hatz
Place of Origin :  Korea
Brand :  BEAM
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Key Features

●  Ultra Durable Design and Construction

  Fixed Pitch Rotors

  Full Body EPP Foam Fuselage

  Quiet Direct Drive Power System

  Long Flight Times

  Easily Accessible Electronics

  Full 4-Channel Control using Traditional Yaw, Pitch and Roll/Throttle Functions



This is the Beam E4 Advance SE 450 FBL Electric Helicopter.

This awesome heli provides full support with two vertically stacked pieces of carbon fiber, high quality aluminum blocks, cross members and boom mounts

CNC rotor head and control system, combined with a unique upright rubber tail servo mount system will give pilot precise control that rivals any 450 size machine on the market..

Additionally, the SE includes a redesigned tail housing, the ability to choose either a standard flybarless head or a DFC type head, and a fully serviceable swash plate, making the E4 Advance SE a true contender in the 450 class market Rise it!


Video overview



Kit comes with:


* Canopy

* SWE 312 Main blade

* 312MG VHR servo (3pcs)


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