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Beam E5 Archon Kit (ESC & Motor pack) [E5-1002]
Sale Price
:   $870.00    $680.00 (680,000원)  
Item :  E5-1002
Manufacturing Company :  Hatz
Place of Origin :  Korea
Brand :  BEAM
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Beam E5 Archon Kit Only [E5-1003]
$399.20 (399,200원)
Beam E5 Archon Kit (ESC & Motor pack) [E5-1002]
$680.00 (680,000원)
Beam E5 Archon Kit (Servo pack) [E5-1001]
$520.00 (520,000원)
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Key Features

Ultra Durable Design and Construction

High Quality FRP Main Blades

Carbon Fiber & CNC Metal Frame Construction

Full Body EPP Foam Fuselage

Quiet Direct Drive Power System

  Long Flight Times

  Easily Accessible Electronics

  Long list of upgrades & option parts





Here we come! The brand new Beam 500 E5 ARCHON.

This 500 size electric helicopter is one of a kind! With a newly designed frame, new head, none breakable main grips, tail housing addition, metal tail control system and metal tail servo mount (using NEW B611MG std servo for ultra power) and much more

This helicopter rocks.



Video overview



Beam E5 Archon from BEAM RC on Vimeo.

Kit comes with:

* D611MG  Std Swash servo  (3pcs)

* ESC Platinum 100A V3    (1pc)

* BEAM 4015-1470KV Brushless DC Motor

* Metal servo horn      (1set)

* Main Blade (465mm) & Tail Blade(72mm)(1set)

* Canopy (Black) (1pc)











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